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Companies and organizations must implement different standards and get certifications in order to offer the best to their clients but also workers. In Miami, Florida, standards like ISO 45001 and similar ones are more than requested. Before getting to specific ISOs or certifications, you must know every company fulfills standards in the quality management system. 

This is what most companies decide to invest in since the quality of a product or service is what tends to determine a great part of the success of the business. However, did you know it isn’t the only aspect you need to handle and usually, people tend to underestimate how other elements can be just as relevant? 

Now, the main reason why businesses go for quality standards before anything else is due to the mandatory regulations established in ISOs but also other documentation and certifications.

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ISO 9001, for example, is a mandatory quality management system standard that every company needs if it wants to continue operating. It takes time to implement since it provides the guidelines and requirements to establish a quality management system, maintain and improve it as well. Since this takes months instead of weeks and changes part of the structure of the business, organizations end up investing resources and time on it alone. 

As a result, they neglect other standards that might not be related to systems such as the quality one but are as important as this one if they want to be successful. ISO 45001 is a great example of this since it isn’t a usual standard. Instead of focusing on the product or service, it aims for a different system in the organization: the occupational health and safety management system. This system establishes all the safety measures to prevent accidents and work-related incidents with your workers and even visitors. 

In short, it helps to guarantee every worker and visitor will be safe while been inside your installations or in related areas and places. As an organization, especially a new one, you might not notice the value of implementing such a standard, which might lead you—and many others—to ignore it and go for the next one that seems more promising. Or just focused on another system and area of the company that feels more involved with your goals. 

However, any good company or organization should be able to guarantee its employees’ and visitors’ safety and health. Thus, we doubt you want to ignore it. With that said, what is ISO 45001 based on, is it just like any other standard, or does it come with a bit more difficulties and changes? Understanding standards is a very tough task since each one has different requirements and guidelines. Therefore, it is only natural to deal with different aspects each time. 

At IQC The ISO Pros, our team of experts and professionals will help you to understand the extension of the standard and guarantee you are able to implement it properly. From simple analysis to finally getting certified, we will be with you during the entire process. Since ISO 45001 was created to mitigate different factors that cause illnesses and harm to your workers and visitors, there’s a lot to understand and work with. Thus, have us as your advisors, trainers, and professionals to guarantee you are able to offer the best for everyone in the company.

What’s the main goal of ISO 45001 in any organization and company?

A general description or definition of its goal would be to go back to what we mentioned before: establishing, maintaining, and improving the occupational health and safety management system in the company. However, even when this concept is quite clear, you still have many ideas that come to your mind and could finish the description. Therefore, this is what you need to know: the main objective is to help your organization to provide a healthy and safe working environment and conditions. 

Since the entire ISO focuses on providing the best to keep your workers and visitors safe and prevent any accidents or diseases, you can imagine there’s a lot to work around in all your processes and installations. As a result, there are many factors to control and mitigate. Now that you know the main aspect of the ISO, we will start by mentioning to you there’s a lot of processes and risks in your company depending on its size and type. 

For small businesses, it tends to be easier to establish this system since there aren’t many activities or processes yet, which means you can implement the measures from zero without too many problems or obstacles. Let’s suppose you are in the automotive industry and your workers are in charge of producing or manufacturing new parts and items. Any process for this tends to involve very risky and dangerous activities as a result, which can put your workers in very bad positions without the proper safety and health measures. 

Being able to establish the OH&SMS before you have dived too deep into your operations and processes will be a huge advantage. First, because you won’t have to wait until an accident takes place to start addressing these aspects. Second, because you won’t have to restructure your operations and processes after a long period of establishment and maintenance. Finally, you will add more value from the beginning to your business. 

Now, what about companies that have been in business for a while? The process can be more difficult. Since ISO 45001 isn’t a mandatory standard, not many companies implement it during their first months or years, which leads them to handle this OH&SMS by themselves for a very long time. When you implement this standard after you’ve been used to follow your own steps and guidelines, it is difficult to change to a completely different system. Or even if it is similar, you still have a lot to restructure. 

However, it isn’t impossible and even if it may take more time, you should definitely get ISO 45001 certified to show clients and future workers you’re able to offer safe and healthy environments. Our team at IQC The ISO Pros will help you in every step without any problem. Our services aren’t focused on providing advice only but rather train you or implement the standard for you or be by yourself in the process to ensure you’re going in the right direction. We are available for any company or organization in Miami, Florida, and throughout the state regardless of the type and size of your business.

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Benefits of implementing ISO 45001 for your organization

We are aware that many companies find it unnecessary and a waste of resources. Although there are many regulations and conditions that companies need to meet when it comes to their employees’ safety and health, we have to admit ISO 45001 isn’t part of them. You choose to implement it and get certified, which is why we are sure you’re wondering why would you invest in it if it isn’t even mandatory. 

Well, many voluntary standards are even better than mandatory ones and can help you to fulfill mandatory requirements all at once. Therefore, you can obtain improvement and satisfaction in terms of regulations without having to go through different processes. This takes us to the reasons why you should definitely go for ISO 45001 and all the benefits it will bring to your organization:

Either if you have standards around it and have established the system without following ISO 45001 guidelines or need to start from zero, you will guarantee a well-developed and maintained system for the next few years. Or for as long as your company lasts depending on how much effort you put into the improvement of the system. Since the guidelines in the ISO are more specific and aim for satisfaction regardless of the company that is implementing it, you’re able to address problems and risks, either way, leading to a better system in the short and long-term.

Implementing the ISO isn’t about following all the guidelines blindly but rather adjusting them to your needs as well. Every organization has different needs and goals in every system, this includes the OH&S one. Therefore, you might have guidelines that establish pretty much everything you should do, but if you want to guarantee compliance but mostly, ensure your workers and visitors will be safe, you need to adjust the ISO requirements and regulations to your company’s needs.

In other words, there must be harmony between your needs and what the ISO tells you to do. You will be addressing your company's needs based on the ISO norms, which leads to the positive and optimal results you’re looking for.

Believe it or not, clients and future ones are more interested in companies that not only meet all their regulations but also aim for improvement and show they care for their employees. As a result, you are able to obtain more clients based on getting ISO 45001 certified, which we are sure will make you implement the standards as soon as possible.

People in Miami, Florida, truly pay attention to companies that have implemented this standard, and we’re sure you’ll be able to have more success if you decide to go for it. Also, you will find more workers and employees willing to give their all to your company.

Focusing on how the ISO benefits you, the difference between implementing it and following your own norms to establish the system lies in how good you are to identify risks and new objectives. Even when you establish an OH&SMS, you still have to deal with its improvement.

Risks and hazards change or you either face more while your company grows and your workers have to deal with more processes and aspects. Therefore, being able to determine the possible risks and work on them before there’s a chance they take place is something you should aim for. The guidelines and regulations in ISO 45001 allow you to do exactly this since the final goal of the standard itself is to achieve continual improvement in the system.

Organizations have to take care of their workers’ bills and medical payments whenever an accident takes place in the installations. This can be very expensive considering work-related accidents take place quite often in Miami, Florida. But when you work around prevention and not solutions when they take place, you are able to use these funds for other areas or just to improve the OH&SMS of the company.

What does it take to get certified? 

A long process of training, implementation, and audit. Getting ISO 45001 certified or in any other standard will take time and effort. No company can fulfill all the requirements in a matter of days or weeks even if it already has a good concept of how the ISO works and has implemented a few measures. 

Adjusting and restructuring the processes to the new measures takes time, and the same happens when you are just starting to establish this system in the company. As a result, you cannot expect to get certified in no time, but the process isn’t that difficult either. With our team at IQC The ISO Pros, you will be able to get certified in no time since our experts will be with you through the entire process. 

We will start by training you in the standard so you are able to understand all the changes and new measures that need to take place. Since ISOs get reviewed every few years, you need to expect changes and new additions to the regulations. This means you have to adjust your company to the new requirements and meet them to ensure you stay certified after the first time. But before getting there, let’s continue where we left it: training. 

Our professionals will take part in a training process where you will get to know the standard and even learn how to implement it to obtain your certification. However, we will also help you with the implementation or either handle it completely for you to get your certification during the first audit. Here’s the last part, what is an audit? This process is conducted to determine if your company has met all the requirements established in the ISO. If it has, you’ll get certified later on. 

But if you haven’t met all the guidelines and regulations, you will need to go over the process of implementation once more. This can easily cost more money and time to the organization, leading it to delay its processes and even fall behind with its competitors. Our professionals help you to achieve the desired result, which is getting your company in Miami, Florida, ISO 45001 certified. Every company in need of this standard can contact us and rely on our team for it. We will make sure to work around your needs, adjust the standard to your company, and guarantee you are able to offer your workers the best safety and health measures.

How can you access our services?

To reach out to us and have our experts helping you, it only takes a call, email, or visit. We encourage you to take the first two options to protect yourself and stay home during this pandemic. However, you can rest assured we are always available for a guided visit with all the safety measures implemented to prevent any contact. 

Now, will it actually be necessary to have us in your company for it? As long as you are aiming to get it done in no time, train yourself to understand the standard, and be able to obtain your certification during the first audit or after you’ve tried many times, we suggest you contact us. Our implementation, consulting, and training services are available for any company in Miami, Florida, regardless of its size and type. You can also have our help if you are located in any other city in the state. 

Although we have our main offices in Miami, it isn’t the only city where we can deliver our services and guide you through this process. Wherever you are, rest assured we will get there. With that said, do you have an idea of where to start? 

The reason why we are actually encouraging you to contact us is that it isn’t that simple to implement ISO 45001 and have a well-established occupational health and safety management system. Usually, companies fail in the process because they are unable to identify the main risks and problems in their current measures. They believe they’re doing perfectly fine and forget to actually check the measures they already applied or the ones they are implementing for the first time. 

Which leads them to miss the audit and opportunity for the certification. Having us will prevent this, save you a lot of money and time, and ensure you are part of the organizations in Florida that are certified in this standard.